Friday, October 31, 2008

One of Those Weeks

I am ready for this week to end. We just had one of those weeks that started off well and then seemed like a slow crawl towards the finish.

On Wednesday the Lady had her second flu shot. We sat happily in the waiting room for almost fifteen minutes for a fifteen second shot, followed by five full minutes of big fat tears. We usually go to story time on Wednesday to break up the day a bit, but we blew it off. I am kind of regretting that decision because the Lady only ended up taking a little over an hour nap for the entire day, threw baking and cooking utensils in the bathtub and to top it off ate pasta out of the garbage. The pasta thing was my bad. I had taken the garbage bag out of the pail and left it on the kitchen floor. I will tell you that the pasta was on the very top and had been made that day, so at least it wasn't old dirty pasta from the bottom of the bag.

I am worried about winter. If we are stuck in this house all day I don't think it will be good for either of us. Since, the money saving mom has opted out of her daily Dunkies run we don't even get that twenty minutes out in the morning anymore. Mom's Group--here we come.

Today is Halloween. The costume is finished and we are planning on getting the picture taken this afternoon. I will post photos later today. My husband and I are going to a little get together this evening sans the Lady. We have no idea what we are going to be. For the last three nights we have stayed up entirely too late talking about this. As of yesterday evening, we were going as the Super Mario Brothers. Yeah--I know. Apparently two guys at the hubby's office were going as that and he thought it would be easy. He was right it would be super easy if either one of us had overalls, white gloves, or mustaches.

I got a call from him from Party City this morning. They are out of overalls and hands. We may be going as the Spartan Cheerleaders from SNL. I will post those photos too.

I am just waiting for this morning to end. The Lady got up a full hour early and proceeded to crank pants her way through the day. Granted, one of her molars just poked through so she is probably uncomfortable, but that is no reason for her to pull a poo diaper out from underneath her while I am trying to change her and toss it backwards over her head, then in my attempt to gather all the goods, toddle out of her room nudie and pee on the living room floor.

Oh, the daily disasters.


  1. You think your week was bad, i got caught drinking out of the toilet again at work. and i saw you have yet to associate a cute name (a la 'the lady, the wildman, and bunny') to my son. I've got one that fits him perfectly - lets go with 'the moon-raper'.

  2. I was hoping you would be the one to come up with the moniker for the man. I think moon-raper fits him well.

    As for the toilet drinking episiode we have all been there and all I can say is next time try using the stall and not the urinal.

    Send some pics of the moon-raper in his Halloween costume, but hurry the next showing of Nights in Rodanthe starts in 35 minutes.