Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Biggest Loser and Other Updates

Let's be perfectly clear here. Brady and Vicky totally threw last weeks weigh in to get Amy P. off the show and when Bob tried to call them out on it, Vicky lied to his face because she is a cunning, vindictive bitch leg. She is also in the words of Bob "Shakespearean." I only have to add to that "Out, damn'd spot! out, I say!" It looks like next week they are going to singles and I can only hope that Renee or Michelle is the biggest loser of the week so they can try to get either Vicky or Heba off the show.

Speaking of Heba, all I can say is SHUT YOUR MOUTH! The drama that follows that girl around is ridiculous and Phil was right, she tries to mug it up for the camera. Did you see her run up on the stage when Brady dropped that 13lbs? Stop being a camera whore and stop talking. When she confronted Phil in the dining room and started saying that he was saying hateful things about her, which she would never say about him, and then called him a sneaky snake in the grass, I thought that was a little hypocritical. She also tries to profess that the show is about being healthy and losing weight, when she has clearly aligned herself with a couple intent on playing the game to their best ability. Oh, I can't wait until she gets kicked off or confronted.

Phil--you screwed yourself. You should have opened your mouth the week of the temptation challenge and you never would have been separated from your beloved Amy. Then, you should have closed your mouth before saying anything to Brady. Also, you might try growing a pair, because even though I am still routing for you and Amy, you seem a bit weak. I will admit you do look 10 years younger with your head shaved and your super trendy goatee. Good luck to you.

Stay tuned, next week looks good.

Also, Oprah is doing a show on the Biggest Loser tomorrow--set your DVR/Tivo and we will see how past contestants look today.


I fell hard off the food journal wagon this weekend, but pizza and beers are so yummy! I am still trying to get to 25-30 minutes of running in a row by the end of this week. I got to 18 yesterday and am hoping to add 2-3 minutes per day so by November 1st I will be able to run at a consistant pace for at least three miles. Race day is fast approaching and I just want to be prepared.

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