Friday, October 3, 2008

More Minor Musings

Run. Run. Run.

I hate running. I do. I hate the treadmill, the clock and all that breathing. I think there is nothing worse then running except of course, running in the wrong underwear wearing a five year old sports bra that isn't holding anything up. Ugh. The good news is that I got through the first week of the 5k plan. The bad news is that starting tomorrow I will have to move on to week two. Yup, more running.

I have roped in my brother and my sister-in-law to help me train. I always think it is better to work out with someone else. You have a sense of responsibility to actually get up and do it. Also, they have a gym at their apartment complex. My legs hurt. My ankles hurt. My stomach hurts. I do feel a gazillion times better though after I walk (or hobble) out of that gym. It is enough for now to keep me going back.

Can't a girl get her coffee?

The Lady and I made our usual Dunkies run this morning. We took the car because we had other errands to run first. This was a mistake. After going to the bank, the dry cleaner (to get my stretch jeans tailored), and dropping off stuff at Goodwill we made it to my oasis. I had to wait for a woman to get into her car with a giant bag of donuts (being carried by a Dunkies worker) and her cardboard container of coffee, before I could get the Lady out. Had she not delayed me, perhaps my story would have ended as a comedy rather then a coffee tragedy.

I will say that the Lady did not get any munchkins today. I distracted her with the car keys so she couldn't do the more sign, but all in all she seemed perfectly content.

Here is where I lost my way. While pulling into my driveway, I saw my downstairs neighbor pulling out. She is super nice, assures me she doesn't hear us clomping around up here (although, she admits to wanting to yell at my husband sometimes when he is screaming at the TV) and has a very unfortunate last name that prompted us to start calling her "The Vag." The Vag is the president of the Condo Board and I am the Secretary. We had some business to discuss, which led to her returning to her garage and giving me some paperwork.

I stepped out of the car with my purse, my coffee, the bag of shoes I took to the tailor for proper measurement and of course my Lady. We walk by our other neighbor who is packing up his car. We exchange pleasantry's, but I am immediately distracted by a dried snot hanging from his nose. I cannot look at it! This is the worst position to be in. Had he been my husband I would have just said "you have a huge dried snot attached to the area beneath your nose--wipe it away please!" However, he is not my husband and I am awkward in these situations. What would you do?

We make our way to the porch steps. The Lady weighs 24.6 lbs. I have two bags, a cup of coffee and The Vag is handing me paperwork. I put the Lady down, I put the bags down, I put the coffee down. Why did I put the coffee down?

The Lady had started to climb the stairs, I grab her by the hand and walk her over to the door to unlock it. As I am turning back to gather my possessions, strewn around the porch, the dried snot neighbor walks up the stairs. We are in mid-conversation and I am trying to avoid eye contact so my gaze is directed towards his feet. My mind is faster then my mouth and I am unable to get out the most important of words---WATCH OUT FOR MY COFFEE!


I briefly contemplate slurping it up from the dirty porch. Instead, I apologize for leaving it out, put the Lady screaming in her crib so I can wipe it up with a paper towel and go inside to contemplate when I will be able to get my fix.

This may have been avoided by walking to all our errands. Had the woman at Dunkin Donuts taken less time or more, I might never have passed The Vag this day. Had the Lady not started to crawl up the stairs or had I put the coffee down closer to my door all of this might have been avoided. To top it off, I have been waiting for three months for a replacement coffee machine part for my fancy Italian coffee machine. This is part of the reason why I have to make a daily run to Dunkies. It would certainly be in my best interest to brew some at home, but with a broken machine there isn't much I can do. So what shows up at my door this morning, not a half hour after I drag my caffeine deprived body into the house? That's right. The coffee machine part. Oh--irony--why do you mock me? This would have been perfect, had I not taken all the coffee over to my parents for the Lady's b-day party.

The Lady is napping. As soon as she wakes up we are making another run for it.

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