Friday, October 17, 2008


I wanted to let you guys know about a website called goodreads. I have discussed with some of you how it would be great if we could just send out an e-mail of all the books we are reading or have read to recommend. Goodreads does this for you. You just set up an account and add the titles of books you have read, are currently reading or are just sitting on your shelf silently mocking you because you have no time for literature and can only squeeze in 20 minutes a week of reading and as we all know that is reserved for US Weekly.

I have been signed up for over a year now and I only have like seven books on there. Five of them are by Stephenie Meyer who wrote the YA Series Twilight, so it isn't really an accurate list of my literary taste. It is helpful though to check out what others are reading so you don't have to walk aimlessly around the bookstore or call Oprah for help in deciding what to read.

I am always looking for a good book and I am leaning towards trying to fit in a classic or two I might have missed during my educational years. Don Quixote anyone? I mean I can just re-read Pride and Prejudice for the seventh time (I ardently love and admire you too, Mr. Darcy) but I am often embarrassed that as an English major I didn't read some pretty hefty members of the literary canon.

If anybody signs up please link to me as a friend. I would love to get some updates and work in a little reading here and there.


  1. I, too, occasionally embark upon the task of reading the things that my B.S. from Loyola denied me. A couple years back, I started into James Joyce and quickly stopped after reading Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.

    I have Crime and Punishment sitting at home waiting for me as well. As you noted though, sometimes you just need US Weekly or Runner's World.

  2. Still waiting for my US Magazine. Why do they deny me the one small pleasure I have in life? My goal this week is to update my goodreads list so it doesn't look like I just read young adult books and Oprah picks.