Friday, October 10, 2008

Biggest Loser and Other Updates

Okay back to my slightly skewed version of what constitutes for reality. . .

I have been waiting for a husband/wife team to be under the yellow line. My husband and I decided that in the parent/child scenario, in most cases the parent would sacrifice for the child. As a parent you want the best for your child and you want them to learn from your own mistakes and bad habits. In the husband/wife scenario that isn't so clear cut. My husband thought that the husband would always sacrifice for the wife. I thought that was really nice considering that my whole life is a sacrifice for that guy. Can I just go to the bathroom with the door closed? Can I just get dressed by myself? Please give me eight minutes alone and then I will get back to making sure everything in your life is running smooth. But I wasn't surprised when Ed let Heba stay. She definitely needed it and Ed looks amazing now.

Vicky. Vicky. Vicky. I want to change my opinion about you but your husband is holding you back? Really? Sounds like an excuse to me. The worst part about it is that I actually like Brady. I think it is his Louisiana accent that reminds me of my boyfriend and Yankee Pitcher Andrew Eugene Pettitte. Oh--Andy Pettitte, so what if I googled the directions to your home in Westchester? I never went. . . yet.

Anyway it looks like they are going to change the elimination rules again next week. We will see what happens.


I have been working pretty hard at getting to the gym and I have registered for a 5 mile run on Thanksgiving morning. This might be a little bit of a challenge considering that I am only running for three minutes in a row right now. It is getting easier and I am feeling much more motivated. My neighbor actually told me that I looked really good and that she could tell in my face that I had lost some weight. I wanted to kiss this woman on the mouth. In my family instead of saying "cheese" in photos we say "chins" any face fat that has fallen off is a good thing. I will admit that my neighbor is also nine months pregnant and perhaps I just look smaller in comparison.

I have been trying to get motivated in the job department as well. The Bean and The Bear Photography had its first paying client last week and she was pretty enthusiastic about our work so I am hoping we can get some more clients via word of mouth. I am also hoping to pick up some freelance work and have signed up with a temp agency for some proofreading work. I am hoping that I can work part time for now and still spend some time with the Lady.


  1. You may regret telling me about your blog as I may become a commenting machine.

    I had a thought regarding the photography business which may actually be idiotic. I will throw it out there anyhow. John Meyer's wife Laura has what appears to be a thriving photography business. If you are interested, perhaps I could try to put you two in touch (she is on Facebook). She works mostly in Delaware, Philly, etc so perhaps she would not consider you competition and try to squash you in true creative destruction fashion. Her site says to go here for help with fledgling photography businesses.

  2. Hey checked it out. Not only is she doing well with the photo biz, she started her own business helping people do well in the photo biz. Anyway you can use your connections and get us a free copy of her business plan! We are still in the early stages right now, but I will definitley check out her site. Thanks!