Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Biggest Loser

Best opening scene. . . ever. I love a temptation challenge, but a temptation challenge in the dark with Allison Sweeny wearing night vision goggles--could it get any better? Oh yeah.

Heba how self-sacrificing of you to volunteer to eat a doughnut and keep the teams the same. I am sure the sweet glazed deliciousness had nothing to do with it, that and the fact that you are a huge (and I mean that in every sense of the word) control freak.

When Phil said that everything was going fine until Heba "opened her mouth," I wanted to embrace that big bald beautiful man and tenderly reassure him that he wasn't the only one who wanted her gone. But the best part was when he went for "Operation Silent Peanut Butter Cup," the vision of him groping aimlessly in the dark for nature's perfect combination of peanut butter and chocolate while not disturbing its crinkly paper was amazing to watch. His small, careful grabs only netted him two peanut butter cups and in the end kind of screwed him. If he had just said he was eating then I don't think Heba would have tried to split the teams. However, I like Phil's excuse. "I can't answer you Heba, my mouth is full of peanut butter." Sage words my fat fighting friend, sage words.

I also loved it when Amy P. talked to Bob after the teams split. That sweet, southern, mild mannered mom who said (and excuse her language), "that bitch isn't going to take me down." Kudos Amy P. Kudos.

The Challenge

Now I know that the thought of walking up and down a mountain for 14 hours in a hundred degree heat probably isn't anyone's idea of a good time, however, this is a weight loss show correct? Was this the Grand Canyon episode all over again? Did these people actually agree to take a break? And not only like an hour break--they agreed to a four hour break and then they all crawled back into their beds like they were on some sort of vacay. If I were the trainers I would have be pissed. And poor Brady, that guy ran like 20 miles. Where was Vicky you ask? She was in the way back slow as molasses. Was he holding you back then too Vicky? Huh?

Too Many Tears

I don't know who cries more this season Amy C. or Michelle? Enough ladies. I know it is emotional and that the fat you have been carrying around is covering up some hefty issues, but the waterworks every single episode are just getting tiresome. I mean last season was bad enough with Mark crying every single day. I swear to you he cried approximately 67 times more than the Lady in that same time period and she was a tiny infant. Suck it up ladies.

The Weigh-In

I so wanted blue to lose. I love Bob but blue just has too many players that I dislike. Black pulled big numbers and having Phil on their team definitely helped but in the end, much to my chagrin, it was Heba who won it for blue. I thought a nice two pounds would have been a good number for her this week, but no she had to go and pull another eight. I will have to say her reaction was priceless. I should have Tivo'd this episode just so I could watch that slow motion jump and shake over and over again. The only way this could have been any better is if she accidentally pooped her pants or fell face first onto the scale. I mean the fat on my arms looks like a punching bag, but she just looked like a giant bat swooping down from the night sky. My husband couldn't watch. He threw up a little bit in his mouth.


Oh Shellay, I will miss your Minnesota accent and your vacant stare. What I won't miss is your tendency to wear your shirt tucked into your sports bra. I will have to say that even though it made me uncomfortable to watch you and your husband kiss while walking hand in hand--you look amazing. Keep up the good work.

Can't wait until next week.

BTW did anybody else notice Allison's little baby bump? I am liking a lot of the dresses she has been wearing.

Also, I know that I don't blog about Project Runway but I love that show as well. Tonight is the Runway show at Bryant Park. Check it out.

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