Monday, October 20, 2008

Some Stuff

Here is a photo of the Lady reading US Weekly. It was late again this week. I think she is just looking at the pictures like her dad does!

I wanted you all to see a photo of a barrette that I bought for the Lady. I am always looking for a good clip to keep the bangs out of her eyes (see photo above). When my husband and I were out in California I popped into a very cute and trendy store. I saw a slew of barrettes under the counter and asked the sales girl about which barrettes work best for babies. She recommended the one in the photo below.

I should have put a ruler next to this photo so you could accurately judge how tiny it is. Since I cannot locate a ruler I will tell you that it is almost as big as two smallish peanut m&m's stacked on top of each other or in other words---not very big at all. To top it off, I am totally embarrassed to say, I paid $9 for it. No? Yes. I paid nine dollars for a tiny choking hazard that the Lady pulls out of her hair in about six seconds.

To make up for that bad parenting and economic choice I am letting you all know about a website that my girlfriend mentioned to me. It is called Pigtails and Ponies by Tara It is run by a friend of her family. The clips and bows are really cute and totally reasonably priced. I haven't tried them out on the Lady yet so I don't know if they will actually stay any longer in her hair, but I am always happy to help promote hard working ladies in all their business and crafty endeavors.

Let us know about any sites you love in the comments section below.


  1. The barrette looked cute in the lady's hair just before she took it out and started eating it. At $9 a piece I do not think that the Money Saving Mom would have approved that purchase.

  2. Yeah! Some one else speaks! Thanks for your comment Sheils. The Money Saving Mom would not approve and is considering making her own laundry detergent, a skill she saw on last nights episode of 17 Kids and Counting.