Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up and a Few Minor Musings

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I feel like this week has totally gotten away from me. Our weekend was busy and a lot of fun. I always enjoy hanging with the fam and the Lady had a great time with her cousins. I have yet to come up with clever pseudonyms for the two guys on the ends, but starting with the second from the left we have the Wild Man, Bunny and the Lady. This isn't the best picture of them but it is the only one where they are all together. The Halloween costume shot kind of got away from us. It is hard to coordinate five 9-15 month olds schedules.
I had to cut the weekend short and head back home for a wedding. The bride was beautiful, but when the DJ started handing out leather jackets and sunglasses for the "Summer Lovin'" sequence, I was ready to go. The $12.65 dress served its purpose, but I spent half the night wearing my husband's jacket because it was freezing in there. I think I am too old to dance at weddings of people I don't really know, plus I didn't have enough drinks in me. I also will admit to repainting only the first three toes on each foot, because they were the only ones showing. Pretty pathetic, but I didn't have time for a mani-pedi. What is even sadder is that the polish on my toes was from my vacay to CA in the beginning of September. The money saving mom has to cut corners somewhere, and if I didn't develop some sort of palsy while trying to paint my own nails, perhaps they would come out looking good. Thank goodness it isn't flip flop weather anymore.
On Monday I got down to Jersey to see a brand new little lady. She is super cute and super tiny with a shock of black hair that is just adorable. I got to see two of my Loyola mommas and their six kids combined.
Friday is Halloween and we are going to a costume party at my brother and sister-in-law's place. I have no idea what to be.
I have to give a shout out to Steadman's Army here and let him know I was considering the Diane Lane and Richard Gere characters from "Nights In Rodanthe," but I was afraid that we wouldn't be the only ones going as them. I really want to pick something that isn't so obvious!
Any Halloween suggestions would help. Post your favorites so I can steal all your good ideas. Thanks!


  1. Whatever costume you choose, PLEASE think of the children and make it appropriate. I am sewing a blow up doll mouth first to the zipper of my pants and going as Eliot Spitzer.

  2. That is pretty funny, considering the Toy is going as the call girl he was caught with.